This is a particular problem where the execution system is the key to the strategy performance, as with ultra-high frequency algorithms. Unfortunately, backtesting is fraught with biases of all types. We have touched upon some of these issues in previous articles, but we will now discuss them in depth.

There are many biases that can affect the performance of a backtested strategy. Unfortunately, these biases have a tendency to inflate the performance rather than forex trading trading software my best expert advisor detract from it. Thus you should always consider a backtest to be an idealised upper bound on the actual performance of the strategy. It is almost impossible to eliminate biases from algorithmic trading so it is our job to minimise them as best we can in order to make informed decisions about our algorithmic strategies. There are four major biases that I wish to discuss: Optimisation Bias , Look-Ahead Bias , Survivorship Bias and Psychological Tolerance Bias. This price action system is probably the most insidious of all backtest biases.

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It involves adjusting or introducing additional trading parameters until the strategy performance on the backtest data set is very attractive. However, once live the performance of the strategy trading forex trading software can be markedly different. Another name for this bias is "curve fitting" or "data-snooping bias". Optimisation bias is hard to eliminate as algorithmic strategies often involve many parameters. "Parameters" in this instance might be the entryexit criteria, look-back forex trading trading software periods, averaging periods (i. e the moving average smoothing parameter) or volatility measurement frequency.

Optimisation bias can be minimised by keeping the number of parameters to a minimum and increasing forex trading trading software the quantity of data points in the training set. In fact, one must also be forex trading trading software careful of the latter as older training points forex trading trading software can be subject to a prior regime (such as a regulatory environment) and thus may not be relevant to your current strategy. One method to help mitigate this bias is to perform a sensitivity analysis. This means varying the parameters incrementally and plotting a "surface" of performance. Sound, fundamental reasoning for parameter choices forex trading trading software should, with all other factors considered, lead to a smoother parameter surface.

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If you have a very jumpy performance surface, it often means that a parameter is not reflecting a phenomena and is an artefact of the test data. There is a vast literature on multi-dimensional optimisation algorithms and it is a highly active scalping ea forex area of research. I wont dwell on it here, but keep it in the forex trading trading software back of your mind when you find a strategy with a fantastic backtest! Technical Bugs - Arraysvectors in code often have iterators or index variables. Incorrect offsets of these indices can lead to a look-ahead bias by trading software trading forex incorporating data at $N+k$ for non-zero $k$. Parameter forex trading trading software Calculation - Another common example of look-ahead bias occurs when calculating optimal strategy parameters, such forex trading trading software as with linear regressions between two time series. If the whole data set (including future data) is used to calculate the regression coefficients, forex trading trading and software thus retroactively applied to a trading strategy for optimisation purposes, then future data is being incorporated and a look-ahead bias exists. MaximaMinima - Certain trading strategies make use of extreme values in any time period, such as incorporating the high cara membuat robot forex or low prices in OHLC data. However, since these maximalminimal values can only be calculated at the end of a time period, a look-ahead bias is introduced forex trading if trading software these values are used -during- the forex trading trading software current period. It is always necessary to lag forex trading trading software highlow values by at least one period in any trading strategy making use of them.

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As with optimisation bias, one must be extremely careful to avoid its introduction. It is often the main reason why trading strategies underperform forex trading trading software their backtests significantly in "live trading".

Survivorship forex trading trading software bias is a particularly dangerous phenomenon and can lead to significantly inflated performance for certain strategy types. It occurs when strategies are tested on datasets that do not include the full universe of prior assets that may have been chosen at a particular point in time, but only consider those that have "survived" to the current time. As an example, consider testing a strategy on a random selection of equities before and after the 2001 market crash.

Some technology stocks went bankrupt, while others managed to stay afloat and even prospered. If we had restricted this strategy only to stocks which made it through the market drawdown period, we would be introducing a survivorship bias because they have already demonstrated their success to us. In fact, this is just another specific case of look-ahead bias, as future information is being incorporated into past analysis.

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